REM-TEC s.r.l.

Effectively integrates skills by bringing together in a complementary way, experience and capabilities in the design and implementation of contaminated-site remediation and a polifunctional platform dedicated to the management of the waste deriving from such operations.

Rem-Tec operates throughout the area of environmental remediation of contaminated sites, starting from the characterization and analysis of risk, environmental restoration, the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from the reclamation, through to the redevelopment of brownfield sites.

Rem-Tec also offers services of removal and disposal of buildings and land containing Asbestos, which are at the same time functional and complementary to the clean-up activities of contaminated sites and to the disposal of industrial and commercial plant.
To complete the range of sector services, Rem-Tec has professionals who mediate for waste to be sent for recycling or to disposal both in Italy and abroad. It also a certified laboratory for conducting chemical analysis and environmental monitoring

Rem-TEc s.r.l.

REM-TEC serving the environment

Some production data of our plants.

Soils treated in the plant (ton)
environmental remediation removed material (Ton)
Asbestos remediation material removed (m2)
Land reclaimed (mc)