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Asbestos remediation

Asbestos remediation

REM-TEC S.r.l.

Entered in the Register of Environmental Managers in category 10 A and 10 B in Class D (removal of asbestos in friable and compact matrices), Rem-Tec provides its customers a comprehensive service through advanced technology and equipment, and with experienced technicians capable of assessing the presence of asbestos in buildings (inspection, sampling and analysis).

Problems with asbestos?

Asbestos was widely used until the Eighties:


  • for insulating buildings, roofs, ships, trains
  • in gaskets and seals for thermal plant and systemsin the automotive industry (paints, mechanical parts, brakes)
  • to make ropes, plastics, cardboard and plaster
  • as a building material (tiles, vinyl floors, pipes).



Technical consulting aimed at studying optimal solutions for the remediation of asbestos elements, with analysis of site/project with reference to economics, legal operational and logistical aspects and security.

  • Inspection of civil and industrial sites to verify the presence of elements containing asbestos; sampling and specific analysis conducted at our laboratory;
  • Inspection and preparation of the Work Plan for asbestos remediation;
  • Interventions for returning contaminated sites to safe conditions;
  • Interventions of inerting, removal and disposal of asbestos cement in compact and resin-like matrices (e.g. asbestos roofing, vinyl-asbestos floor tiles, vent pipes or chimneys, asbestos panels used on parapets and buildings facades etc.).
  • Interventions of inerting, removal and disposal of asbestos in friable matrices elements (e.g. onsite/offsite removal of cladding from asbestos-insulated pipes, removal of friable-asbestos boards, gaskets technological systems etc.).