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Remediation of contaminated sites

Rem-Tec Srl directly implements the environmental reclamation and rehabilitation of soil and water matrices. Where the contamination or destination of the site, with any new works and infrastructures, makes it necessary to remove hazardous and non-hazardous waste, we operate with competence and experience to achieve the reclamation objectives. The organizational skills gained from years of experience, combined with the technical knowledge and regulatory know-how, allow us to identify the most appropriate locations and to maximize materials recovery.


Former gas company of Merano
Full reclamation of the distribution area of the former gas company of Merano (Bolzano) with on-site pretreatment of the excavated material, materials recovery, removal of waste to disposal facilities and treatment abroad.
Rendering safe conditions using cappinge jet grouting technology for the confinement of the deep contamination. Cleaning of groundwater using water treatment plant. Conversion of the area into land suited for residential purposes

Area Industriale EZIT – Muggia (TS) Pasta Zara Spa distributional area reclamation inside the Site of National Interest in Muggia (TS). Safely controlled excavation and removal of 40.000 tons of waste brought to external disposal plant. Reconversion of the distributional area with production destination Hill “Collina Bolzano Sud” Reclamation of the Site of National Interest of the former-dump of 300.000 m3 of dangerous and toxic-noxious industrial waste. Materials retrieval, pre-treatment and removal of 50.000 tons of waste through disposal plants and external treatment. Reconversion of the distributional areas into commercial use.


  • Mobile land-washing system
  • Mobile screening
  • Mobile crusher
  • Mobile water-treatment plant
  • Mobile inerting plant