26 Sep
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Waste Treatment Plant

The waste treatment plant of Rem-Tec is a modern multipurpose platform dedicated to managing hazardous and non-hazardous waste coming mainly from the redevelopment or reclamation of industrial, commercial and residential land. The integrated management implemented at the platform maximizes the production of fractions recovered from the incoming waste, thereby minimizing those to assign to final disposal. The plant is in Sinigo in the province of Bolzano, on the Merano-Bolzano (MEBO) motorway. It is strategically located on the main Verona Brenner axis and close to the main facilities outside Italy (incinerators, mines, landfills) that conduct final treatment operations.
The Rem-Tec multipurpose platform is in the historic industrial area of about four hectares dedicated to the recycling and enhancement of inert waste and of the excavation and reclamation areas of Sinigo.


– Biological treatment (bioremediation) of soils contaminated by organic pollutants attributable to the fuels category;
– Soil-washing of inorganic pollutants;
– Blanketing;
– Mixing and stabilization, aimed at the final recovery of the waste;
– Selecting and sorting of incoming waste to optimize the recovery of its different fractions;
– Storage dedicated to the refuse destined for cross-border export with notification.


  • 250,000 tons/year
  • 20,000 m2 outdoor surfaces
  • 10,000 m2 covered
  • 190 EWC codes in D
  • 190 EWC codes in R