26 Sep
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In Situ Remediation

The in situ treatment technologies consist of treatments applied to the soil or watertable on site, without the removal of the matrices involved. Rem-Tec has performed in situ remediation and developed – also through R&D in its laboratory – simple and effective methods to determine the technology best suited to the specific case. The presence of a team of engineers who specialize in chemical, geological and engineering areas allows us to guarantee results, also through on-site validated monitoring.


Former Shell Works

In situ remediation of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons and PAHs using a mix of on-site technologies: Air sparging, chemical oxidation (ISCO) and Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE). Deep ground remediation in the unsaturated and saturated zone under existing buildings and without interruption of production activities. Monitoring and protection of groundwater using a hydraulic barrier.

A22 Brenner Motorway

Treatment of groundwater with mobile containerized plant during the remediation and excavation works for building new commercial buildings. Flexibility in pumping points and reduction in overall ecological impact by on-site processing, so removal by truck is not necessary.

Private clinic

Remediation of deep soil using SVE (Soil Vapour Extraction) technology applied to soils with average porosity in a highly sensitive to on-site working. Optimization of remediation costs and substantial reduction in inconvenience to users of the area.



  • Containerized and non- EVS plants
  • mobile water treatment plants
  • automated industrial control system (ICS) plant for injection oxidizing agents into the soil
  • Programmable air-sparging systems
  • Catalytic wet-air oxidation plant


  • Lower costs than those with traditional remediation systems
  • reduced environmental impact
  • no interruption of daily activities on the site